A Time To Be Sowing


I know it’s been some time since updating you about what am doing.

Today I am en-heartened to bring you good news that since I love Inspiring and Spiritual books , very soon I am starting to review and highlight to you important lessons that I myself have learned from them and therefore I find it beautiful when I share with you.

My first book will be by one of the Gifted Authors of Christian Life with a Fervent Heart titled:

40 Days, 40 Conversations with God ( A Time To Be Sowing) by Janelle .T. Lee Chee and it’s now available online at


It’s a Faith book where the Author Janelle shares her journey of inspiration to spiritual enlightenment through entries, prayers and scriptures to encourage and empower you to achieve your purpose and know exactly why nothing is impossible with Faith.

This book will help your soul to freely connect with God. It’s a must have resource, I am convinced.

This book will challenge you. It will inspire you. It will motivate and make you feel brand new.

It has powerful lessons and let me say it’s simply amazing.

Once you’ve read it, you will thank me for being this open and honest.

So just get this must-have book, because it will fill your heart with Love, Honesty, Creativity and Compassion that will enable you to connect and touch people’s hearts in the most unique ways and will guide you towards achieving tenacity of the purpose you’ve been seeking.

Again Thank you so much and Go to and get your copy now, Don’t be left out!

Smile and Shine!



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