Who will send me to Bible School?


“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it” – C.C Scott.

I have been suffering a slow, painful and emotional life of helplessness and dilemma.

In my vulnerable state, I would recoil when I see the gathering clouds of pain and despair.

Like the cry of a bird perched on an evergreen in the middle of a cemetery, hope truly can rise above pain, despair and dilemma!

Let my meditation be pleasing to God and my thoughts be focused on His grace.

cropped-medi.jpg perched bird

My heart is grieved and my spirit embittered and weathering such an emotional storm is blood chilling.

However, the stage is set for me to share my prayer requests, desires, gratitude and fresh commitment to God.

I realize that I am carrying a great responsibility and privilege. My wounds have become wisdom and thought of achieving my goal leaves me in a state of complete joy and wonderment.

I am glad and happy today as I seek funding to join Bible School in Kenya.

Truthfully, my dream terrifies me because it seems too big to achieve.

The whirlwind of daily life is overwhelming and getting through such a bleak period is not a joke.

However, I must stay focused and creative to stay relevant.

I want to join Bible School and create a meaningful life.

Thank You and God bless you.


Smile and Shine!


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