The Beauty Of Pain!

“Fire tests the purity of silver and gold, but the LORD tests the heart” – Proverbs 17:3


I have been dissapointed, I have undergone defeat and anxiety during my period of depression.

I have felt the great heart within me crushed until it bled.

However, I take courage, for these experiences have tempered the spiritual metal of which I am made of.

They are assets of incomparable value.

Today I am tolerant and open-minded.

I sat infront of a mirror illuminated with light bulbs, the ones you see in dressing rooms that film stars use.

My reflection in the mirrorr radiated love, happiness and confidence. The lights ere so bright and beautiful. So am I. So amazing and beautiful.

I don’t want to lose a little bit of my sparkle, friends!

God moves in mysterious ways, and today I have reached a decision to devote the remainder of my life rendering usefu  service to the hurting and the under-privileged.

Poverty brings indescribable pain and hopelessness to the affected. But it’s also a great teacher.

The poor, defenseless and the weak suffer the consequences, but it’s a good learning experience. It teaches humility and patience.

I am constantly praying for a breakthrough to join University this year and study my favorite course. For this reason, I am seeking financial help from the world to fulfil my purpose.

Thank you,


Smile and Shine!


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