Spirit of Boldness

I have expressed my deep disgust for lack of financial help I need to go back to school for so long only to learn that God’s ways are not our ways and His timing is very different.

Wordp 1

He has a purpose for even that.

Anxiety and Depression has taught me great lessons of perseverance, resilience, honesty and patience.

Once I get the opportunity, I will be genuinely happy. My heart will beat with enthusiasm and that’s why I labor on.

GOD will restore to me the years that I have lost. It will be indeed gathering after tears.

My passion to succeed is greater than my fear of failure!

I am waiting with expectancy.

Smile and Shine!


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2 thoughts on “Spirit of Boldness

  1. Hello Shem! I too want to go back to school! But the means is not there . I desire to got to a Christian College, to learn doctrine. I believe that when it is God’s timing or desire it will happen, not until then!
    God Bless You!

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