A Time For Everything!

The world is a painful place, and life in it is unpleasant and often disappointing.

Failure to achieve my goal of studying Theology will be worse than futile.

I have a big heart. I have a broadband heart. A heart for everyone. My life is devoid of class, ethnicism, hatred and discrimination.

Though satan should buffet, though trials should come, GOD is in control. My love for GOD is impeccable!

I remain firm and decisive as I am empathetic. I am selfless and I would love to contribute more to charity, to the youth and the church. This has led me to spend many hours on Pro-bono assignments.

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Failure to study Theology will make many miss my wealth and love for service. But it’s the Pro-bono crowd and the church that will miss out most!

I fail and I’m doomed to life with no sense of direction.

It is impossible to achieve the peace of mind and the hope we long for without GOD.

GOD makes everything beautiful in His time.

I love the life stories of Joseph and Jesus. GOD knows how to use adversity and suffering, even injustice and cruelty – for His purposes and His glory.

Jesus is my model in all things, and He demonstrates patient endurance.

GOD put us in difficult situations so that we can be a witness. It might be to allow a trial for sanctification of character.

For me, I find peace through the scriptures in Ecclesiastes 3:6-8 “A time for Everything”

I wait in peace!


Smile and Shine!


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