The Greatness Of Christ!

Christian Life

“It is the fire of suffering that brings forth the gold of godliness” – Madame Guyon.

As Christians, we must never find ourselves apologetic, intimidated or reluctant in sharing our faith or expressing convictions about the hope we bear in the Resurrected Christ and the Message of the cross.


We must be ready to show and tell others about the Good News of Jesus Christ regardless our circumstances.

In 1 Peter 4:16 the Bible says “However, if you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but praise GOD that you bear that name”. What an encouraging verse?

We must let trouble and despair transform us to Christ-like character of patient endurance.

Christ’s Reflection

A silversmith was once asked, “How do you know when the silver is pure?”. He responded, “When I see my reflection in it”. Wow! That’s really amazing!

When we have been refined by tragedy or crippling adversity, people must be able to see our resilience and Christ’s reflection in us.

Christ’s Love

Therefore nothing and no-one should stop us from proclaiming Jesus as the LORD and SAVIOR, because no matter what happens to us, there is nothing that can separate us from the love of Christ – Romans 8:35-39.

Greatness Of Christ

Today, I am happy to know that Jesus is greater than any office, government, institution or kingdom.

Jesus is above the universe, solar systems, planets and the galaxies.

He is greater than any army, fiefdom, or greatest organizations of this world.

Cue From Meshack, Shadrach & Abednego

Brethren, let us always take a cue from Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego, who refused to bow down to the King’s golden image putting their lives at stake.


They refused to compromise, and instead chose death over idol worship!

They had faith that the GOD they worshiped would save them, and He saved them – True Faith!

And we learn that the LORD who is able to make ways in the air, cut ways across the rocks and clears ways in deep waters, made a way for them and protected them from the blazing furnace.

Praise JESUS!

Today; can we refuse Money over Jesus?

Can we die for Christ’s sake?

What kind of idols are we worshiping today with or without knowing?

Able GOD

The LORD we serve is ABLE. From the above story of the trio who refused to bow down to worship the idols, we learn that they eventually came out of the blazing furnace unscathed.

The King was awed and ordered that “Their GOD was the true GOD to be worshiped”.

Can the world today see the true GOD in us and be awed as to want to worship Him?

This is what happens when we ground our faith! We will attract non-believers and thus win their souls to Christ.

May The Good LORD Bless You!

I wish you a Bumper soul winning Mission!


Yous In His Service,

Shem Mutulu.

Smile & Shine!



Dear Brethren!

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These Books will never leave you the same.

Glenn’s Books present a true story of a man unashamedly in love with his Savior.


Smile & Shine

“Poems For His Glory” – Faith Book


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The Title for this Book is “Spot-On”.

This Book is simply Awesome and Profound!

Smile & Shine


“INOE International Day Of Prayer For The Unsaved – 2017”

Calvary Greetings to You, in the Name of The LORD JESUS CHRIST!


INOE has come up with an Evangelistic and Intercession related initiative, tagged “INOE International Day Of Prayer For The Unsaved – 2017”.

INOE – Stands For: International Network Of Online Evangelists!

DATE: The INOE International Day of Prayer For The Unsaved – 2017, will be held on Sunday, August 20th, 2017!

Anytime during this day could be chosen by all Christians willing to intercede in prayer for the Salvation of others.

VENUE: All Christians, Anywhere and Everywhere can choose a convenient place during this day to say this Intercessory Prayer For the Unsaved!

Christians can pray individually or as groups during this day.

PURPOSE: INOE International Day Of Prayer For The Unsaved, is aimed at encouraging Christians across the globe to set aside at-least 5 minutes out of their 24 Hours available to them to pray for those who are yet to be saved around the globe including their family members and friends.

I am the Global Coordinator of this very important occasion. I therefore, urge you to invite your family, friends and relatives to pray for the salvation of others!

CONTACTS: For more information regarding this EVENT, you may contact me via: Email:, Mobile Phone: +254727223815 and on Twitter: @shemhope

Shem Mutulu, Secretary-General, INOE.

Thank You and God bless you!

Smile & Shine


Meza Ya Bwana!


INOE stands for: The International Network of Online Evangelists!

INOE is a Global Non-Profit, Non-Denominational, and Voluntary Christian Organization that has been demonstrating Christ’s love and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through media Evangelism and Online Ministry.

Christians all over the world are therefore encouraged to join INOE, and help INOE in its wider vision of winning souls for Jesus Christ through Online Evangelism!


  • INOE was founded in 2016, with the aim of bringing together Online Evangelists from all parts of the world, Christians with a heart-deep passion for online evangelism and those who have received a special call into online evangelism ministry.
  • INOE was formed to fulfill the Great Commission as Jesus commanded in Matthew 28:16-20.
  • INOE believes in One True God, who created the heavens and the earth.
  • INOE believes in the Holy Trinity: That is One God in Three persons: The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • INOE believes that Jesus Christ was sent by GOD into the world in the human form by being born of virgin Mary, lived, died and was resurrected in fulfillment of the scriptures, for the salvation of all mankind.
  • INOE believes in the Second coming of Jesus Christ to take His prepared saints to be with Him.
  • INOE believes Jesus Christ is the judge of both the living and the dead and one day, the world will face His judgement seat.
  • INOE believes that God loves all men and wants them saved through belief in His Son Jesus Christ.
  • INOE believes that the Internet is a great avenue to make disciples of all nations as commanded by Jesus himself. INOE believes in fishing for salvation of souls through the internet which boasts of a good number of users each day.
  • INOE believes that there are effective and proven methods of doing online evangelism to win souls for Christ.
  • INOE believes that through mutual support and effective networking, Christians can be better motivated, helped and equipped for Online Evangelism.


  • INOE brings Online Evangelists Together.
  • INOE creates awareness about Online Evangelism.
  • INOE trains members for effective Online Evangelism.
  • INOE gives spiritual and other forms of support to members and new online converts.
  • INOE networks with one another for mutual support and opportunities.
  • INOE mentors new Online Evangelists for ministerial growth and effectiveness.
  • INOE trains youth on the effective and positive use of the Internet and Social Media for the Glory of God.


  • An INOE Ambassador can be a Writer, Blogger, Singer, Musician, an Author, Youtuber, Twitter Evangelist, Facebook Evangelist, Picture/Instagram Evangelist etc, whose aim is to tell people about Jesus and win them to Christ.
  • INOE Ambassadors are volunteers and therefore do not receive any financial rewards; however, INOE tries as much as possible to promote, publicize and market their endeavors.
  • INOE Ambassadors, as their title implies, represent and bear the image, vision, presence and the relevance of INOE wherever they go and in whatever they do.
  • INOE Ambassadors should be able to talk about INOE whenever and wherever they have the opportunity.



           Co-Founder/President, INOE


           Co-Founder, INOE

           Vice-President, INOE – Africa


          Chief Content Editor, INOE.

Now You Know!

Thank You!


Smile and Shine!

Wonderful Hymn!


Hello World!

I am so excited and delighted to introduce to you a Global Christian Organization and the home for all Online Evangelists in the world.

I am glad, for the opportunity to interview the Organization and here are the answers to the interview questions I asked, with the aim of telling you what this organization is all about.

Be Blessed!

Q1. What is INOE?, and what is the inspiration behind INOE? Is INOE a church, a party, a company or a movement?


ANSWER: The International Network Of Online Evangelists (INOE), is a global non-profit and a voluntary christian organization.

Founded in 2016, INOE brings together online evangelists from all parts of the world, Christians with a deep passion for online evangelism and those who have received a special call into online evangelism ministry.

INOE’s leaders and members volunteer and commit their time, talents, skills and resources for the growth and advancement of the organization. It is a voluntary work for God (Colossians 3:23-24).

What inspired us to start INOE is found in the Bible in the Book of Matthew 28:16-20. Simply put, THE GREAT COMMISSION!

We  realized that fulfilling the Great Commission in the 21st century and beyond  will have much to do with the internet, considering the fact that there are about 3.2 billion Internet users today from over 200 countries and territories, and more and more people will be using the Internet, as they have access to it and as technology advances, the more.

INOE is not a church, neither a party nor a company. Rather, INOE is a Global Organization. It is a Global Network of Christians, who tell and show people about Jesus Christ, God, Christianity and the BIBLE, through the internet, with the aim of winning their souls.

Q2. Can anyone become an INOE Ambassador? What is the criteria of becoming an INOE Ambassador? Are there monetary rewards or otherwise in being INOE Ambassador?

ANSWER: No, anyone cannot just become an INOE ambassador. INOE carefuly chooses its ambassadors, because they automatically become its face wherever they are and go, and in whatever they do. Besides following the leading of the Holy Spirit, the criteria we use in choosing our Ambassadors include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Being a Christian of good standing;
  • Being an active online evangelist;
  • Being a Christian/Online evangelist with good reputation;
  • Being an Online Evangelist with some level of following.

No, there are no monetary rewards for being INOE Ambassadors, since we are a non-profit and a voluntary christian organization. Nevertheless, we try as much as possible to support and promote our Ambassador’s endeavors.

Q3. Today’s world is fast moving with Technology at the palm of our hands. What’s your take on Technology and the Church? Will the church morals erode? What’s your view on the rising internet negative stuff like porn? How can INOE address that?

ANSWER: Technology should be seen and used as as a viable tool for advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ and teaching people about Christianity. We must understand that Technology is in itself not evil; it is the people who use it for evil/sinful purposes that are evil.

So, if the church is pro-active enough by teaching Christians about Technology and how to use it for the Glory of God, it’s morals cannot erode.

Pornography and all other kinds of immorality being found in the internet today are sinful and evil practices that GOD frowns at and condemns (Romans 1:18-32). It’s quite unfortunate that the internet has become a tool for committing sins at will.

That’s why INOE was founded. The internet has become an inseparable part of the modern man and woman. Their worldviews, thoughts and actions are being impacted upon by what they see, read, hear and absorb from the internet.

Hence, INOE is here to help online evangelists effectively witness to Internet users about Christ so they can experience His love, forgiveness, peace, salvation and relationship, and so they can see life through His eyes.

Q4: Does INOE verify its Ambassadors? How do you do it because you meet them online? Do you conduct background checks? What steps will you take in case one of the Ambassadors puts you in a bad picture? Do you have the rules set out for the same?

ANSWER: Yes. First of all, we make sure that our Ambassadors are Christians of good reputation; real people, who are traceable; public figures in their own right; and to some extent, people with some level of good following on their social media platforms. More importantly, the Holy Spirit helps and guides us in choosing our Ambassadors!

Also, we do conduct background checks on them, because as a Christian and a Global Organization that deals (and will be dealing) with people from all over the world, we need people who will not drag our name and reputation in the mud.

God forbids; however, in the event an Ambassador puts us in  a bad picture, we already know what to do.

Q5: In the wake of so many cults, who come in the Name of Jesus Christ, how do you distinguish yourself from these? Do you believe in the Holy Trinity? Do you preach the Resurrected Jesus? Are you Bible believing Christians? Do you believe in the second coming of Jesus?

ANSWER: For what we believe and do in INOE, please visit:

We are clear enough to distinguish us from the cults. We believe in the Holy Trinity. We believe in and preach the resurrected Jesus Christ. We are Bible believing Christians, and we believe in the Second Coming Of Jesus Christ!

Q6: Where is INOE’s headquarters, and who are the people behind this organization?

ANSWER: INOE is so unique such that it does not just have a single headquarter. For instance, we have:

  • INOE Africa.
  • INOE North America.
  • INOE Europe.
  • INOE South America.
  • INOE Asia.
  • INOE Australia/Oceania.

So, we have SIX continental headquarters, and each continental branch of INOE is led by an INOE Vice President, who comes from the continent.

The Vice president’s country becomes INOE’s continental headquarters throughout his/her tenure. Also, INOE president’s country becomes INOE international headquarters throughout his/her tenure.

Therefore, we have INOE international headquarters and INOE continental headquarters.

In addition, INOE has National Branches in the countries our members come from. For instance, we have INOE USA, INOE Kenya, INOE Pakistan, INOE Nigeria, INOE South Africa and INOE India, etc.

INOE was co-founded by a set of Nigerian twin preachers, singers, and online evangelists, JOHN and PETER ADELAKUN

John Adelakun is currently the INOE President, while his twin brother, Peter Adelakun, is the current Vice President, INOE-Africa.

Also, Edwina Cowgill, an American, is INOE’s Chief Content Editor. More leaders to come soon.

Not that alone, SHEM MUTULU, is the FIRST INOE Ambassador, from Kenya.

INOE presently has members, who are INOE Media Officers and an INOE Intercessor!


Thank You!

Smile and Shine!







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